Disputes between the owners of specific objects are a common phenomenon. Disputes over intellectual property (trademarks, inventions, software, etc.) are no exception, as they are intangible assets that most often bring a significant income to companies. The copyright holder is interested not only in the registration, but also in the appropriate protection of their rights from the unscrupulous actions of third parties. For this purpose, the legislation provides for special mechanisms of influence, in particular, disputes may be settled through a pre-trial, judicial and administrative procedure.
Preparation and submission of claims, statements of claim, appeals, cassation appeals, statements to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), representation at various instances – all these are just some examples of the ways to settle disputes over intellectual property rights.
At the moment, there are special institutions that regulate intellectual property issues within their competence. For example, the Chamber of Patent Disputes (CPD) established at the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIIP) that performs activities concerned with intellectual property rights protection, such as consideration of objections to a refusal to grant a patent or a refusal to register a trademark.
In 2013, the Intellectual Property Court (IPC) began to work. This is a specialized arbitration court that considers disputes over intellectual rights, for example, cancellation of trademarks due to non-use, etc.
Our company provides services on protection of intellectual property rights in all areas.

Our main types of services:

Representing individuals and legal entities’ interests:
1) As part of the pre-trial settlement of disputes:
a) Drawing up a claim on violation of intellectual property rights.
b) Preparing a response to a claim sent to you.
2) At courts, including the Intellectual Property Court (IPC):
a) Preparing statements, statements of claim, appeals, cassation appeals, applications for revision of judicial acts through supervision, applications for revision of judicial acts based on newly discovered circumstances, responses to statements, statements of claim and appeals, drafting amicable agreements, etc.
b) Taking part in court sessions at courts of all instances.
3) At the Chamber of Patent Disputes (CPD):
a) Preparing statements and objections, responses to statements and objections.
b) Taking part in CPD meetings.
4) At the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation:
a) Preparing statements and arguments in writing.
b) Taking part in FAS meetings.

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