Science is an engine for progress. We are surrounded by things that are the result of labor-intensive research or inventor’s genius. Even a simple ballpoint pen is the work result of many inventors racking their brains over pen structure, writing tube design and ink composition – all to create a useful and usable final product. The process of creating a new product is structured in such a way that a problem is announced and possible solutions are sought. Sometimes a solution to a problem lies on the surface, but only someone with an unconventional vision and an ability to go beyond stereotypes and think outside the box can find an answer. In order to protect your invention and obtain an official monopoly on its use and disposal, you need a patent for your invention or utility model.

The invention is a technical solution in any area related to a product (in particular, a device, substance, microorganism strain, cell culture of plants or animals) or a method (process of performance of actions on a material object with the use of material means), including the use of a product or method for a specific purpose.

The utility model is a technical solution relating to a device (i.e. products having no components/parts or consisting of two or more parts connected to each other through assembly operations and being in functional and structural unity).

Out of these two objects, the invention is a more serious solution, because it has to meet such conditions of patentability as “novelty” and “inventive step” (i.e. non-obviousness of the technical solution for a specialist in this technical field).

The only requirement to the utility model is world novelty. A utility model may be a device based on already known solutions. For example, you were the first one to come up with an idea of combining a pencil with an eraser. It does not matter that both pencils and erasers were produced before you and that you combine them in a well-known way. If you were the first one to combine them in a single “device,” then you have every reason to get a utility model patent!

Our main types of services:

  • Making a preliminary search for invention or utility model patentability.
  • Preparing an invention or utility model description.
  • Preparing documents required to file an application for an invention or utility model patent.
  • Ensuring application record managing.
  • Registering changes, granting rights of use, alienating rights for inventions, utility models.The specialists of our company, Patentniy Poverenniy LLC, are always ready to assist you with the patenting of inventions and utility models to protect your copyright and exclusive rights.


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