The copyright is the intellectual rights for works of science, literature and art.
The copyright objects are literary and other texts, pieces of music, works of fine art, architecture, photos, software, etc.
Copyright objects do not include, in particular, ideas, concepts, principles, methods, processes, discoveries, facts, programming languages, official documents, including laws, other regulations, judicial decisions, works of folk art (folklore) that have no specific authors, messages about events and facts that are solely informational in nature.
For copyright to arise, a creation shall have an objective form, whether oral, written, pictorial, audio or video.
Although the rights for a creation are automatically assigned to the author at the time of its development, in some cases there is a need for additional registration. This procedure may provide additional protection, for example, in case the authorship of a creation is challenged, including at law.
One of the measures of additional copyright protection can be depositing, i.e. a transfer of the results of creative work for safekeeping.

Our main types of services:

  • Arranging a copyright depositing and registration procedure.
  • Preparing a necessary set of documents and sending them to the Russian Authors’ Society (RAS), COPYRUS.
  • Obtaining a registration certificate.
  • Drafting various types of copyright agreements.

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